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Did someone say sleepy piggyback rides? I heard sleepy piggyback rides.

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Dressing Room by anonymous | Eleven & Rory 


Title: Dressing Room

Author: anonymous

Word count: 1,777

Rating: not officially rated, but this is basically porn so I’d say E

Summary: for the prompt: Eleven/Rory in a large store, perhaps in a dressing room.

Review: This was very hot and funny. Who doesn’t enjoy some nsfw action between the doctor and his male companion?

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Nine/Rory fic search 

A followers of ours is looking for Nine/Rory fanfiction, mainly friendship one. Does anybody have recommendation?

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Rory, I’m not trying to be rude, but you died. 

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Anonymous whispered, "11th Doctor/Rory- No matter what he does Rory always feels inferior to The Doctor. The Doctor plans to rid him of that notion."


Rory watched with a moody expression as the pink surface of the planet peeled away from his vision like someone had ripped it sideways.  The Doctor had often told him not to watch as they left; the speed of it was far too fast and the directional change transcended known human physics on such a level that it left most humans disoriented for days.

Not Rory.  The sight was odd, certainly, but he’d gotten used to it.  He didn’t feel like being measured up as a fragile human whose poor little brain couldn’t take time travel and all its facets at face value…not that anything with The Doctor should have been taken at face value…

"Rory!  Get away from there."

Rory looked over to see The Doctor giving him a concerned look.  ”Doctor, watching doesn’t bother me any more.”

"I know, but you’re leaning against the control panel."

Rory looked down and growled in exasperation.  He was, and something was glowing.  The Doctor nudged him out of the way and sighed softly, shifting a dial here and spinning some odd-looking…whatever it was.  The glow faded and a faint, high-pitched hum sounded from somewhere deep within the panel.  The Doctor patted the interface affectionately, murmuring something about ‘there’s a lovely girl’.

Rory looked at The Doctor and sighed back at him, his tone a trace more bitter than The Doctor’s had been.  He looked up at Rory, frowning.  ”What’s wrong?”

Rory saw no point in lying, even if The Doctor always did.  He had a tendency to know when he was being deceived, like some sort of two-hearted polygraph machine.  ”You.  Well, not you, but…you know.  You.”

The Doctor tilted his head like a confused puppy.  ”I don’t follow.”

"You, being so much better at everything.  Knowing how everything in the whole universe - wait, no, a lot more than just the universe - you just know how everything works.”

The Doctor chuckled.  ”Is that all?  I’ve had a long time to practiceand learn, you know.”

"I know.  But still…" Rory murmured.

"Does it bother you?" The Doctor asked.

"Yeah.  Drives a man mad."

The Doctor tilted his head in the other direction, lips curling up into a slight smile.  ”And you’d know all about driving a man mad, wouldn’t you, Rory?”

Rory pinked and took on a somewhat defensive expression.  ”What?” he asked, even though he knew damn well what The Doctor was referring to.  Ever since that kiss seven months ago, and their quick but passionate coupling two months later, The Doctor’s gaze had taken on a hungry, deep look when no one was looking.  Rory had never been looked at like that before, but he found he didn’t mind it.

"Oh, come off it, Rory.  You’re not stupid."  The Doctor drew close, one hand falling to rest at Rory’s hip.  "And you’re not nearly as useless as you think you are.  You’ve got quite an advantage, you know."

Now that was news to him.  ”I do?” he asked.

The Doctor nodded, working his fingers softly, smiling lopsidedly when Rory leaned into it.  ”I can look the biggest threats in every galaxy in the eye and not back down.  But you give me one look, and I’ll do anything you want.  You may as well have me on a leash, Rory.”

Rory cleared his throat nervously, mostly because once he put a bit of thought into it, he knew it was true.  Nothing would distract The Doctor from his purpose, but favors, side trips, breaks…all at his beck and call; all Rory had to do was give him that look.  ”But…that doesn’t mean anything,” he protested.

"It does, though."  The Doctor tugged him gently closer, swaying slightly.  He tended to be a bit awkward when he was trying to be seductive - Rory suspected he was out of practice - but a small thrill ran through him all the same.  The most powerful creature in the known universes wanted him; it was a heady sort of thing to contemplate.  "Come on.  Take that sense of inferiority and throw it in the bin, where it belongs…and come test just how far this new-found power of yours goes?"

Rory grinned softly and nodded.

A lack of knowledge didn’t seem so bad after all under the circumstances.

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Love With Bowties - Karin_Cat 

Summary: Love With Bowties

Rating: N-17

Control Method: Breathing in the Dark 

Summary: The price he paid was silence. He never dared to ask what price the Doctor paid.

Genre: Angst/Dark

Warning: Light BDSM

Rating: Mild sexual content

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Geronimo Challenge
 ↳ Emotions: Shocked/confused


Geronimo Challenge

  Emotions: Shocked/confused

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Always with the Rory

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